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Law & Economics

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This course will introduce students to the basic analytical tools used in economic analysis of the law. Specifically, it covers: cost-benefit analyses; risk/reward probability analysis; marginal utility; theories of value; theories of justice; theories of the firm; capital markets; policy analysis; macroeconomic analysis relevant to taxation, budgets, monetary policy; and basic macroeconomic and microeconomic theory in the particular context of the legal practice.

Student's Obligations:

The student will write a 10 to 20 page paper on any aspect of law and economics which they desire. This can and should be seen as a project which the student will ultimately publish. It is notoriously easy to publish just about anything related to economic aspects of law because the field is enormous. There are many, many topics about which any student could write. Likewise, there are literally dozens, even scores, of journals actively seeking economic analysis of law, including many specialized journals. Student's in those course will have access to the professor as their editor and the professor's email lists of law reviews.

Attendance is mandatory.
Plagiarism is prohibited.

There is no additional final exam.


There is no published textbook for this course. Readings consist of articles available on-line or handed out on paper, authored by the professor and others.