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This is a one credit course in the Pericles LL.M. program. The course is taught on a credit/no credit basis with full attendance required, or with the option of receiving a letter grade by writing a 2,500 words paper on a given topic. If arranged in advance, one missed class can be substituted by watching a video taped lecture.

This short course seeks to provide general basis of international law and how it could apply to international corporations and individuals. These range from disputes raised between two states, a legal person and a state or cross border disputes between two legal persons.  The course will help to provide insight to the sphere of international law and the different applications for commercial lawyers, whether it be preparing and participating in litigation/arbitration, or considerations given to the dispute resolution provisions in the contract.

The four classes will cover

(1)  Public international law – sources of international law, application to domestic law and disputes brought by states before the ICJ on behalf of legal persons;

(2)  Disputes before other international organizations – WTO, ECJ, ECHR;

(3) International Arbitration – ICSID, UNCITRAL and PCA; and

(4) International Business Transactions (Litigation) – Framework of Brussels 1 Regulation (1/2001), UNIDROIT, Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods and Rome Convention on the Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations.