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International Business Transactions

For more information on this course, please call +7-495-649-2273

This course is about private international commercial law and practices, focusing on international business transactions encountered most frequently, such as the international sale of goods, the carriage of goods, international payments, and secured financing. In addition, the course will cover basic forms of establishing an overseas presence such as agency agreements, joint-ventures and wholly-owned subsidiaries along with international mergers and acquisitions.  The course also covers the methods of settling international commercial disputes, including international litigation and arbitration and the enforcement thereof. The course also addresses in a limit manner, the legal problems associated with corrupt practices and sanctions.  This course will not focus on International Trade or WTO practices although there may be limited cross over with these courses.  Learning how international business transactions work in practice rests on a problem-oriented method, relying on the active participation and comparative perspectives of students with different international legal backgrounds and experiences.
International Business Transactions will cover:

  1. International Sales of Goods (ICC Incoterms, Interpretation, Documents of Title, Bills of Lading)
  2. International Sales Contracts (CISG, UNIDROIT, UNCITRAL, Formation, Performance, Remedies)
  3. Customs, Tariffs, Import and Export Control
  4. Agency and Distributorship, Franchising
  5. Foreign Direct Investment
  6. Tax Considerations in International Transactions and Investment
  7. International Intellectual Property
  8. International Arbitration
  9. International Litigation
  10. Economic Sanctions and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

This course will not cover in great depth the WTO, the EU, Economic Sanctions and IP issues. Separate courses are available at Pericles on all those issues, and we will leave the deep analysis to them.

This is a 3 credit course in the Pericles LL.M. program. It meets for 36 clock hours. Students who are not in the Pericles LL.M. program may attend provided they have sufficient knowledge of English and sufficient legal background.