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International Business Transactions

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This is a survey course rather than an in-depth study of one topic. An international sale-of-goods transaction is the simplest, safest type of international transaction. Of course, it will be covered. But this course will also examine more complicated aspects of international transactions, such as technology transfer, foreign agent issues, political and legal risks of foreign direct investment, taxation and resolution of disputes. While the course will focus on private aspects of transactions (contracting and payment type issues) we will also briefly examine the public aspects--trading systems and laws that govern the trade and business relationships between different nations and their companies.

Students completing this course will become familiar with

  • International Commerce and Lex Mercatoria
  • the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods;
  • Clauses of International Comercial Contracts (force majeure, liquidated damages, applicable law, jurisdiction, international arbitration)
  • INCOTERMS and the basics of documentary trade, the UCP for documentary trade;
  • regimes of customs, tariffs, import and export control;
  • the GATT, WTO and regional trading blocs, including non-tariff barriers on trade such as sanitary measures, local tax regimes and incentives;
  • political issues affecting foreign trade, especially political issues affecting foreign trade, especially economic sanctions and anti-corruption measures;
  • financing and insurance in international law;
  • non-establishment forms of investment such as agency and distributor agreements, technology licensing agreements, manufacturing agreements, and franchises;
  • foreign direct investment issues, including political risk, OPIC, nationalization and expropriation, and environmental and labor issues of FDI;
  • tax considerations in foreign trade and investment, such as transfer pricing risks; and,
  • international dispute resolution through litigation and alternatives, gathering of evidence abroad, and enforcement of foreign judgments.

This course will not cover in great depth the WTO, the EU, Economic Sanctions and IP issues. We will touch on international organizations such as UN agencies and the WTO, we'll look at trading blocs and foreign direct investment in the EU, we'll briefly review sanctions, and we'll lightly discuss intellectual property protection. But separate courses are available at Pericles on all those issues, and we will leave the deep analysis to them.

This is a 3 credit course in the Pericles LL.M. program. It meets for 36 clock hours. Students who are not in the Pericles LL.M. program may attend provided they have sufficient knowledge of English and sufficient legal background.