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Course Application

International Franchising Law

Professor Robert Courtney


International Franchising Law: Course Intro

Objectives of the Course:  This course is designed to build practical client advising skills for business lawyers advising franchisors and franchisees by providing an overview of the key aspects of the modern international franchising legal framework, with particular application to international franchises expanding into and operating in the Russian market and to Russian-born franchises and their franchisees operating domestically. 

Methodology:  The course will focus on the practical application of the law to actual transactions and will combine lectures, case studies, and guest speakers.  Course material will draw on the professor’s first-hand experience as either the owner/operator of or advisor to international franchises, including: KFC, Century 21 Real Estate, Le Pain Quotidien (Хлеб Насущный), and Retail Profile. Sessions will include senior international executives from these companies as guest speakers.

The course will provide a broad overview of the law of international franchising, including:

  1. Due diligence
  2. Area development, master franchise and joint venture agreements
  3. Fees
  4. Franchisor/franchisee support obligations/rights
  5. Territorial rights and restrictions
  6. Trademarks, IP rights and protections, domain names
  7. Selected comparative law
  8. Non-compete, confidentiality and nondisclosure
  9. Choice of law and forum for dispute resolution
  10. Russian tax, currency and exchange controls, withholding
  11. Term, renewal, and termination

Grading:  This is a one credit course offered on a credit/no credit basis. There is no final exam.  Credit depends on attendance and preparedness.  There are four sessions. There will be assigned reading for every class and three short written assignments.  To pass, you must either attend at least three of four classes and complete all three written assignments or attend all four classes and complete at least two of the three written assignments.

Reading:  Readings will be distributed from time-to-time in class or electronically and will include selections from franchising textbooks and treatises, transaction documents, and articles.

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