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This is an exciting course that covers issues dominating many of todayТs headlines: the laws governing various aspects of the right to privacy. The course will explore the application of and deficiencies in existing laws that govern such things as protection of personal banking or medical information, electronic surveillance, web monitoring, and facial recognition technology. We will also look at related issues, such as legitimate uses of big data, and an individualТs right to control or correct personal information held by others. The course will, of course, consider GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) and the growing list of U.S. states and other countries that are enacting web privacy statutes that carry significant penalties for non-compliance.

This course may also consider related aspects of communications law more generally, including freedom of speech and the press, holding posters and platforms liable for "fake news," the right to information, information-gathering, the basics of libel law, and the regulation of pornographic and other material deemed obscene.

The course will require active student participation and discussion. More information will be made available as the course date gets closer.