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What Can Legally Be Done When Deals Go Bad!

Secured Transactions & Debtor/Creditor Law

Professor Robert Teets

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This Special Course "When Deals Go Bad" is our attempt to address the needs of transactional lawyers during today's financial upheaval. 

Professor Teets has designed this course to explore various aspects of dealing with defaulting businesses and business partners in this integrated global economy. 

In your transcript this course will be listed as "Debtor/Creditor & Secured Transactions Law," and indeed this course will cover the rights of secured creditors, and the law of debtors and bankruptcy as are described in the LL.M. brochure for this subject; but the intent is to look at the issues more broadly. The course will discuss, among other things, the doctrine of contract law and strategies for securing the client in the contract, secured transactions and the rights of creditors under UCC article 9 and in other jurisdictions, bankruptcy, reorganizations and the rights of creditors in the bankruptcy process.

The course is still somewhat of a work in progress--as the world has never seen a global crash like this before and frankly many of the issues that are facing transactional lawyers and business people today have never been faced in the past.  But Professor Teets is working to create an interesting and practical course exploring what can legally be done when deals go wrong, economies depress, exchange rates fluctuate and interest rates sky rocket or fall. 

To some extent Professor Teets may be bringing in guest speakers, including perhaps economists and investment professionals, to talk about their practical experiences in a partial rendition of the very popular "Master Class" format that we used in the Mergers and Acquisitions Course taught in Fall 2008. 

This is a three credit course in the Pericles LL.M. program meeting 3 hours a week for 12 weeks. It is available to students who are not in the LL.M. program provided the applicant's level of English and legal knowledge is sufficient for the course.

More information on the course readings and grading criteria will be available in the Pericles office closer to the start of the course.