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Pericles Center for International Legal Education (Pericles) is an adult educational center based in Moscow, Russia. Since 1997 Pericles has offered legal skills, business skills, and test-preparation courses taught by highly qualified Western professors. As a not-for-profit organization, our main goal is to prepare our students for success. If you have any questions, feel free to write us at or call at the numbers listed below.

Pericles is proud to reintroduce our famous TOEFL Preparation program
starting November 8, 2022

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MBA Advising
TOEFL Preparation
Law Courses & LL.M.
Legal Writing Course
Master of Laws Degree Program
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Pericles latest news:

After a three year hiatus, Pericles is proud to be reintroducing our famous TOEFL Preparation program starting November 8, 2022. This program has been extremely successful in helping students in Moscow since 1997. Now it's available in a new bimodal format to help students on and off line. The same, high quality materials tailored to our students are being expanded and updated and some of our most popular professors are back in Moscow to teach the course! So join us to score your best on the TOEFL exam! Call for more information: +8-968-206-2934


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VII-я ежегодная конференция

Russian Law Journal

Earn a US-recognized Master of Jurisprudence Degree at Delaware


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Educational license No. 041606 from 26.07.2021

+7 (495) 649 22 73
+7 (495) 662 46 26
+7 (495) 961 38 49
+7 (495) 961 32 97
+7 (916) 085 52 74

See our contacts page for maps and directions.

Office hours:
MON-FRI 12:00-21:00
(SATURDAYS by appointment)

Автономная некоммерческая организация (АНО) "ПЕРИКЛ"
109147 Москва, ул. Марксистская, дом 34, корпус 7, этаж 1
тел: (495) 649-2273 e-mail:

МРП №067.725 от 24.09.97, регистрация в УВМ ГУ МВД России по г. Москве №7271, лицензия на образов. деятельность №041606 от 26.07.2021, аккредитация в Минэкономики Московской области №82, ОГРН №1027739105536, ИНН 7710261786


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