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Vladimir Korobkin

is our
November 2007
Student of the Month

Vladimir Korobkin:

Our student of the month for November is Vladimir Korobkin.  Vladimir works as a contract manager in the lucrative field of oil and gas.  He studied for the GMAT at Pericles and recently received an excellent 750 on the exam.  This puts him in the 98th percentile and is an amazing score.

In 1997, Vladimir received his Bachelor of Education (magna cum laude) from the Foreign Languages department of Volgograd State Pedagogical University . The next year, he received his Specialist (English & German; magna cum laude), also from Volgograd State Pedagogical University . Then, in 2005, Vladimir obtained his degree the legal department of the Volgograd State Academy of Civil Service, one of the best universities in the Vovograd region. 

After completing his degree at the Volgograd State Academy of Civil Service, he received an offer from State Enterprise Selkhoz Prom Export to join the Wadi Hajr Rehabilitation Project Team in the Republic of Yemen .  He accepted and spent a year and a half there until the project was successfully completed.  After this, Vladimir he worked in a variety of positions in the field of oil & gas and now works in the legal department of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, where he is the contract manager for the legal department.

Vladimir took the GMAT in order to be able to apply to prestigious business schools.  He feels that such a degree will provide an excellent tool to either advance within his current industry or change industries.  His outstanding score of 750 should open the door to most of the top ranked business schools in the world.

Congratulations on your excellent score, Vladimir.  We wish you every success in business school.