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Nikolai Saklakov

is our
October 2007
Student of the Month

Nikolai Saklakov :

Our student of the month for October is Nikolay Saklakov, a lawyer and business consultant specializing in the hot areas of mergers and acquisitions and finance.  Nikolay studied for the GMAT at Pericles and recently received an excellent 720 score on the exam, with an outstanding 93rd percentile on the verbal portion.  For Nikolay, Pericles is also a family tradition, as he came to us after his brother Denis studied some legal courses at Pericles and recommended us to him. 

Nikolay obtained his specialist law degree in 2005 from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) and the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy (MIEP).  He then worked for the Moscow office of an international law firm, Clifford Chance, before trying his hand at the top ranked Russian firm, and then finally going independent.

Nikolay took the exam because he is generally interested in math and analysis and felt that studying for the exam was a good way to further develop those skills while also using and improving his excellent command of English.  Plus, of course, his 720 score is good for 5 years and leaves many options open should this ambitious young man decide to make a career move. 

Indeed, Nikolay’s strategy is a good one, as many students find that after they enter the working world their mathematics and foreign language skills start to decline from lack of formal study.  Although you might not want to take a higher degree for several years, if at all, it makes sense to prepare for and take the appropriate entrance exams while your skills are still fairly fresh and “put it in your back pocket” so to speak, for future use when you may need it.  Plus, although not normally used for this purpose, a high GMAT score is an objective indicator of your verbal and analytical skills, thus making a nice addition to the CV for any young professional.

Congratulations on the high score Nikolay, and we look forward to hearing of your future career developments!