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Galina Koroleva
Student of the Month
June 2002

Our June Student of the Month is Galina Koroleva. Galina was chosen by our staff for this month's honor, not for taking the GMAT exam or for getting into a top western MBA program, but rather for something else. Galina is what we would call an all around great student and person, and we feel that because of the dedication that she has put into studying English, the success she has had thus far in her studies and career, and her future goals she deserved to be selected as our Student of the Month.

Galina has her Masters Degree in Economics from the International Institute of Management, Business and Law-Moscow Section of the International Academy of Science San Marino. In addition to this degree she has also received a certificate in GAAP, a certificate in Accounting, and a certificate in English. After all this studying, in such a short period of time, Galina decided to get a job.

Since 1995, Galina has been working and studying or just working, mostly as an accountant. Some of the places where she has worked are Emerson Electric, Ultramar Express LTd. and Lilavica & K JV. However, Galina has decided to take some time off of work and study a bit more maybe even get an MBA, which she is in the process now.

After deciding to study more, Galina came to Pericles and started studying for GMAT and TOEFL exam. After studying our GMAT and TOEFL, Galina decided to improve her English so she took our Advanced Business English, where she excelled in English. Then just to see how she would do she took our AIBEc Preparation and then went on to pass the AIBEc entrance exam. Now, she is studying in AIBEc's MBA program and thinking about trying to get into a top western MBA program.

Pericles would like to congratulate Galina on being selected Student of the Month for June. We know with her experience, desire to do well, and will to succeed Galina is going places and we are happy that we not only got to get to know, but also that we got to be apart of her education. Good Luck in everythin!