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Sergey Kozhukhar

GMAT 760!

Honored student for Spring 2012



Our honored student for the Spring of 2012 is Sergey Kozhukhar. Sergey 's academic track record includes being on the top of his high school class and getting a degree with high honors from the State Finance Academy. His pursuit of western education, an MBA degree, and a reference from another honored student on this list brought him to Pericles to study for GMAT. Sergey gasped things quickly and the result soon followed - an impressive 760 on the GMAT exam, which opened a lot of opportunities before him. 

Yet it didn't take an MBA degree for Sergey to achieve spectacular results in his career.  Living his passion for technology, he leveraged his venture capital background to get employed in Skolkovo Foundation, where he leads investor relations. For many applicants, an MBA is a way to change their career paths, but this is not the case for Sergey.  After finishing his MBA he is determined to continue working in the profession which brings him fulfillment.

Sergey knew what he wanted, and his clear vision of goals limited the short list of business schools to two - Harvard and Stanford, which are both renowned for their alumni in the venture industry. He submitted his applications in the second round, and his dream business school chose him - Sergey is going to Harvard.  Congratulations Sergey!

"I'm very grateful to Pericles, which helped me get to where I am. Pericles professors eagerly provided guidance and support on each and every step of the application process. I also owe a dedicated "thank you" note to Marian Dent, Andrew Mendelssohn and Ali Shajahan. Keep up the good work educating future top business school alumni!"