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Course Application

Introduction to American Law

Prof. Bellerose introduces the course

Objectives of the Course:

This course is designed to overview the American legal system for interested foreign attorneys and to provide a foundation for LL.M. students who will later be studying more in-depth courses in American law in Moscow. Students will start by examining the American court system and the constitutional environment, particularly the constitutional environment for business and the rights of individuals in the United States. The class will look at the court system, constitutional law and individual rights, civil procedure, evidence, criminal procedural protections in the constitution, torts, contracts, property and corporate law. A major objective of the course is to learn to read and analyze cases in preparation for more advanced common law study. Thus heavy emphasis will be placed on case reading and discussion.  


Admission to the Pericles LL.M. program or permission of the Dean upon evaluation of English language and legal skills.  

Course Length:

36 clock hours over 12 weeks, meeting once per week for three hours at a time, with a five minute coffee break.  


This course provides an introduction to Socratic legal instruction. Thus, students are expected to read and brief cases each week prior to classes and to discuss and respond to questions on the materials and cases they have read. Students are expected to participate by reporting on cases in class when called upon.  


A more detailed syllabus and description of assignments will be available in the Pericles office prior to the start of the course.