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Course Application

Introduction to European Union Law

Call for more information 495-649-2273


Professor Moritz Naef introduces the course.

Objectives of the Course:

The aim of this course is to give the student a general understanding of the European Union and an overall approach to the European Union legal system in order to aid the student in representing Russian clients who might have business dealings in the EU and to help the student understand the legal concerns of clients located in EU countries who are doing business in Russia. The European Union will therefore be analyzed from the institutional angle, including the formation of the EU legislation and its implementation as well as from the perspective of specific Community policies which are of particular relevance to lawyers.

Due to the importance of the European judicial system for the development of the EC Law, considerable time will be devoted during classes to the analysis and discussion of the relevant case law of the European Court of Justice and General Court. A secondary purpose of the course is to continue to build Pericles’ LL.M. students’ skills in legal reasoning and analysis through case reading and discussion in the European context. 


The course will most likely use Steiner and Wood, Textbook on EU Law, in the most recent edition, but please check with Pericles before purchasing this textbook in case the professo has changed the book.


The final grading will be the result of the following:
1.         Final exam (format to be determined later) – 70%
2.         Midterm paper – 7 pages, in the form of a memorandum answering a hypothetical problem, 20% of the final grade;
3.         Class participation and attendance – 10% of the final grade.


For more detailed syllabus and description of assignments please contact Pericles office via email or call (495)649-22-73