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Friday, November 16, 19:00-21:00

Pericles Law Center and MIRBIS (Moscow Higher School of International Business)

are proud to present a free Guest Speaker Event

'Mediating Int'l Business Disputes:
How it Works and is it Right for Your Business?'

with ARMANDO AMBROSIO, Partner of De Berti Jacchia law firm (Italy).

Location is at MIRBIS, Moscow, Marksistskaya Str., 34, Building 7, room 714

The event is open to MIRBIS and Pericles students only. Space if limited and participants will be registered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please click to register to meet Mr. Ambrosio for this presentation and discussion, followed by informal conversation.

Next year, the Singapore Convention will come into effect, meaning that agreements reached through mediation will have a new and effective enforcement mechanism. Mediation is expected to take off for alternative dispute resolution in international business. But do you know how it works and whether it's right for your business or your clients? Find out by coming to this informative, free presentation. Mr. Armando Ambrosio will be walking you through the stages of mediation, discussing the roles of mediation participants and expaining how mediation fits in with other methods of dispute resolution. The speaker will describe best practices and lessons learned, and will show some examples of mediation in practice.


Armando Ambrosio is the resident partner of the Moscow office of De Berti Jacchia, a leading Italian law firm with more than 80 professionals and offices in Milan, Rome, Brussels and Moscow. His practice concentrates on mergers & acquisitions, commercial contracts and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), both domestic and international, with a particular focus on Russia and other CIS countries. After his first law degree in Naples, Armando was awarded a Diploma in Maritime and Export Law from the University of Westminster, as well as the Master in International Business Law (LL.M.) from the University of London (King's College London). He also obtained a certificate in European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice (EMTPJ) at the Association for International Arbitration (Belgium). Prior to joining De Berti, Armando gained professional experience at leading international law firms in London, Luxemburg and New York. Admitted to practice in 2003 (Italy), he is also a qualified mediator for civil and commercial disputes (Belgium). Languages spoken: Italian, English, French, Spanish and Russian.
Register here

to meet Mr. Ambrosio for this presentation and discussion, followed by informal conversation:
19:00-21:00, Friday, November 16, at MIRBIS, Marksistskaya Str, 34, Korp 7., Moscow 109147, or call (495) 649-2273 for more information.